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Welcome to Solstice Honey

Solstice HoneyLouise Miller is a beekeeper, educator, and founder of Solstice Honey. She is a member of the honey tasting panel gathered by the UC Davis Honey and Pollination Center, a group tasked with developing the Honey Flavor and Aroma Wheel. Also a member of the Xerces Society, she is an avid bee friendly gardener. Miller's passion for varietal and regional wildflower honeys and for bee health inspired her to found Solstice Honey, offering products and educational outreach that improve the quality of life of customers, of beekeepers, and of bees.

"Solstice Honey grew from my passion for supporting bees and for enjoying distinctive varietal and regional wildflower honeys. My desire is to create a healthier, more joyful world by sharing these two passions. With love and gratitude I extend the following invitations."

Attend a Honey Tasting Party or Pairing Class

Honey tasting parties and honey pairing classes are offered regularly. Follow Solstice Honey on Facebook and Twitter for updates on event dates and locations. Do you want to support bees and have a unique tasting experience? Host a Honey Tasting Party. By hosting a honey tasting party, you'll be introducing others to varietal and regional wildflower honeys. Interested in hosting a party? Send an email to or call (530) 632-9614.

Invite Bees into your Outdoor Living Space

Say yes to bees. Say yes to life. Experience the beauty of native and water wise flowering plants that sustain bees and other pollinators. Share the joy of supporting bees and other pollinators in fun, simple ways.

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The Honey MavenMy blog, The Honey Maven, was developed as an outlet for me to express my passion for bees and deliver honey education. Blog subjects include: bee facts, Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), honey education, bee friendly gardening tips, honey health benefits, recommended resources, bee behavior, honey recipes, honey tasting tips, local honey is good for you, honey bee conservation, beekeeping, and more. I encourage my followers to learn, enjoy, engage, and share.

Purchase Solstice Honey

Solstice HoneyTaste raw, unfiltered, varietal and regional wildflower honeys from our hives and from sustainable beekeepers throughout the West. Honey varieties include: California Foothills Wildflower Honey, California Valley Spring Wildflower Honey, Hawaiian Christmas Berry Varietal Honey, Hawaiian Lehua Varietal Honey, Idaho Snowberry Varietal Honey, Mesquite Varietal Honey, Orange Blossom Varietal Honey, Rocky Mountain Wildflower Honey, Sonoran Desert Wildflower Honey, Star Thistle Varietal Honey, and Sweet Clover Varietal Honey.

Solstice Honey is currently available for purchase at the following locations: New Earth Market, The Crave, Birds Eye View Garden Shop, and Yuba Harvest. More retail locations to be added soon.

Please be patient while our online ecommerce website and Amazon store are being built. In the meantime, connect with us on one or more of our social media sites, subscribe to The Honey Maven blog, attend, or host a honey tasting party.

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